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At LondonEnergy, we create an environment in which individual differences and the contributions of our staff are recognised and appreciated.

A workforce that represents North London

We’ve worked hard to create an inclusive workforce. Every member of our team is an individual with their own opinions, culture, lifestyle and circumstance. This diversity gives us our strength, ensuring every employee, contractor, and resident is treated with dignity and respect.

Traditionally, the industry has been male-dominated, but we’re working hard to challenge stereotypes and change this perception.

In 2015, when LondonEnergy set its Diversity and Inclusion targets, we wanted to make sure that our organisation represented the community it served. Since then, we have made significant progress as a team.

We have gone from only having 7% female employees across the business in 2015 to 13% today. We have also progressed from 17% ethnic minority employees in 2015 to 29% today.

Our efforts are even more significant at managerial level:

  • 6% women managers in 2015 to 32% today
  • 14% ethnic minority managers in 2015 to 29% today (our objective for 2020 was 20%)

Key figures

30 Nationalities

29 % ethnic minority colleagues (4% in the industry)

32% Female managers (compared to 25% in the industry)

But we’re not done yet. To accelerate our diverse recruitment efforts, we are running two dedicated programmes with CTP and Working Chance. Through this collaboration, we have welcomed eight ex-military and four declared ex-offender colleagues to our team in the last year.

Looking to the future

To help us continue this progress, we are working closely with local community members, schools and universities to inspire the young and not so young people of North London to join us.

Find out more about our community involvement here.

In 2020, we:

  • Organised six focus groups for over 60 employees to share their personal experience in a safe environment
  • Conducted an external diversity audit, looking at all our policies and practices and implemented the recommended changes
  • Implemented blind CVs for recruitment
  • Delivered unconscious bias training for all 45 managers and directors to build a better inclusive environment within LondonEnergy
  • Set a process to collect more diversity and inclusion data at the recruitment stage

Our objectives are clear.

  • By 2022, we will increase the percentage of female employees in the company to 15%, with an emphasis on operational roles
  • By 2022, we will increase the number of ethnic minority managers to 35%